About Us


Slum Hug initiative started in 2014 as a group of friends to better the lives of the less fortunate in the community. It's now a registered as international Ngo under the NGO Act of Kenya. Non profitable organization. The first program designed and founded by Mr Chrispine Bolo in January 7th 2014 as a mentorship program whose main aim goal was to reach out to the Girl- child and Boy- child in the slums and remote rural areas through collaboration with the identified friends. Mentorship goals were meant to encourage the girls and boys, especially touching on areas such as the academic, social education, leadership, and girl child and boy child health and care among others. There fore S.H.I mentorship is alliance of Kenyans and modern extended networking and mentorship services to young school children and youths situated in slums, urban and remote rural areas.


The modern mentorship movement that actively participating in the enlightenment of the young schools children and youths situated in the slums, urban and remote rural areas on Kenya through the powerful, strong and committed mentorship program and feeding program that majorly inculcated the necessary life skills such as critical thinking, leadership, innovation, scholarship and well roundness among those upcoming next generations of leaders and leaders of our nation.

Our Goals
  • To promote girl child and boy child empowerment programs that focuses on their education, heath care, societal development and advocacy for children girl child and boy child right.
  • Help students involve in the program to gain the skills and and confidence to be responsible for their own future.
  • Form partnerships with interest group which includes schools administration, teachers, parents and students and local leaders. Etc
  • Conduct schools visit and held talks with students and topical issues that affect the students fraternity.
  • Educate and demonstrate to student the value of hard work and discipline in school.
  • Introduce the in build system of (student- teacher) mentor- mentee relationship group.
  • Have specific day allocated for mentorship program in every school at least thrice per term.
  • Seek for scholarship/ sponsorship for deserving venerable student from less fortunate families.

To Improve the well being of the society by transforming the thinking of the young generation to take responsibility for their lives by making informed decisions and to build future for communities across the world.